Cielo Village

A picturesque event venue in California


Nestled amid the beautiful landscape of Rancho Santa Fe, California, Cielo Village stands as a captivating Tuscan-style wedding venue, promising a unique and memorable experience without the burden of an exorbitant price tag.

As the latest addition to Southern California’s vibrant wedding scene, what truly sets Cielo Village apart is its unwavering commitment to offering affordability without any compromise on the quality of your special day.

Thoughtfully tailored to accommodate diverse budgets, allowing couples the freedom to personalize their celebration while remaining faithful to their unique vision. In an era where wedding venues often come with a substantial financial burden, Cielo Village emerges as a radiant beacon of both affordability and elegance.


Vibrant and Unique

With its captivating Tuscan-style charm and stunning natural surroundings, Cielo Village offers a memorable experience for weddngs and celebrations.


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